Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thing #6

Big Hugh Labs has many sites that students can use for any of the four core academic areas, some sites offering products more on the creative side, others offering creation of products that can be used in small groups. For example, Captioner could be used to place factual information on an animal or famous person, as if it were talking or thinking. These can be printed and shared.

This was an adventure with a reward that has enormous potential in its applications. I had to save the Flickr image as jpeg and click off most of the default options and save as a progressive jpeg. I really like this toy.

I had to try another. This was easy to do. I tried avatar image yet to appear.

(This is from Picasso Kossack by Professor_r on Flickr)

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  1. The possibilities are endless! And the kids love making these things, too. But you don't always have to print their products to make them useful. There are lots of other ways to showcase their creations. Keep playing!