Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thing #12

I think that using the same alias for your blog and your comments to other blogs reduces confusion to fellow bloggers. It also provides a certain amount of privacy. I can appreciate the humor and creativity that goes into an alias, especially one that is not indicative of a brief moment in time, but rather one that might say something general about the author....I am intrigued on the growth of etiquette in the world of internet. You have to truly love and admire mankind for the collaborative and collective leadership that has brought blogging so fully to life. My oh my, I never thought about lurking on a website (not that I have)! We are a wonderfully creative and delicate species of animal to tackle our beasts, tame them to serve a higher purpose, and then define within ourselves what is acceptable and what is not. Lurking to me (a newbie) equates with shopping, if you're going back to a garment again and again you should probably go ahead and get it, same with a blog. Comment, and I would think not with a response from the author each time.... Okay, it's later and I might have second thoughts. To continue with blogs I found several that I really like: Running4women - because I have been a runner (with age now a jogger) since the late 70's and can use all the help I can get to maintain vigor and enjoyment of the sport. I also like Fiddlefreak Folk Music Blog because it connects me to a world that too often is overlooked by daily responsibilities and routines. I love all kinds of music, but as of late have discounted it some. Kudos to all the young musicians creating pieces that evoke us as great music can. I searched these blogs out using Blog Search, another site I will surely visit again.

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