Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thing #23

My favorite discoveries on this learning journey through Library2Play would have to be those that can be utilized by elementary students to enrich their learning and prepare them the new directions of literacy using technology. In particular, I like trading cards, Wordle, sites like these that are kid-friendly, but also Photo Story. Young musicians or orators can make good use of Audacity.
My lifelong learning goals have taken a new turn in that many mysteries are solved and tools have been made available. They will freshen the learning/teaching in the classroom. I hope to continue learning about technology and to really get a grip on the networking aspect of it.
What surprises me most about this program I suppose is how far it has brought me along in learning. I have learned more here than in many other programs I've participated in. It takes some effort to manage time and rein in the imagination. Or, is it really the imagination runs away, I stop and then shut everything, but one or two ideas, that can be used in the fall?
The creators of this learning opportunity did a really good job of putting all these "things" together. I do not know what I would do differently. There is no doubt I would participate in additional training. Twenty-three Things teaches MUCH more than 23 things.

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  1. I'm so glad your experience has been a positive one! I look forward to working with you next year to implement some of your new ideas. Come to brainstorm or collaborate with me anytime! It's going to be a great year!