Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thing #13

I think Delicious would be beneficial for small group projects where sites are already selected. Each student needs a Delicious account and to add me as a member of their network, with me as a member of theirs as well to assess if they have found other sites to use. Each student has access to my network and the sites chosen for them to use for their project. By creating a network bundle I can manage which students are working together on a project. I can also create a tag bundle to manage the sites serving as a resource for each group's topic. This makes Delicious a great tool for managing groups. Teachers conducting research can tag bundles to manage organizing resources on different topics within the research. Hum, using Delicious as a social bookmarking site might be of benefit to evaluate or update information (like Wikipedia)? I could benefit with feedback on this one. The social networking part is relatively new to me.


  1. Instead of linking a whole bunch of sets and kids having their own accounts, why not have a "class" account that the kids have access to? You can control the sites and see which ones the kids are using the most. It would be easier on you from a management standpoint and the kids will only have to remember how to get to it! We can work together on this when school starts, if you would like!

  2. I would like that! It sounds much more efficient. There will be a lot to cover this year, what with third grade classrooms getting their ActivBoards this year and teachers starting the one-way dual language bilingual program! Maybe in the spring, once I work them up with any prerequisites to being more tech savvy. Hum, I need to think about the prerequisites. Maybe they will bubble up. Or, not. Suggestions, for skills unique to blogging?