Monday, July 20, 2009

Thing #20

At this point in my continuing study of Web 2.0 I am learning more about YouTube and TeacherTube, with hopes of being able to post a video onto Thing #20. I have seen teachers showing web videos to their students and it is VERY cool! So far it hasn't gone exactly as I would have liked. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not learning. Au contraire. This is actually quite fun, which probably is of no surprise. The battle's not over yet. Tomorrow I WILL have a video here, hopefully the rap Continents and Oceans (songsofhigherlearnin)that I found on TeacherTube. I haven't been able to open the downloaded video, but it appears to be loading to the blog. It failed after several minutes of trying through Html (at editing of blog)and uploading from a file saved ("All files") on my desktop. My daughter even can't get this to work, and we followed Eblogger's suggestions for typing in code, adding the video URL and more code. It didn't work. I can't believe I'm actually showing on the blog the incomplete's! As my daughter would to say to a fellow blogger "Awkward".


  1. I hear the rap, but I don't see the video. hhmmm... Not sure what the problem is. sometimes if I try it again on another day, it will work. See what you can figure out after taking a break. Interesting that I can hear it, though...

  2. Funny and interesting because I can't hear the rap or see the video. I'll have to read up on it.