Friday, July 10, 2009

Thing #10

I think children will be even more creative than any suggestions that I could add. The drop of water was made on Word Mosaic. This site, as well as Poetry Blender, will give children opportunities to merge left brain and right brain thinking into one project, using science or social studies concepts. Photo cropping broadens resources and thinking outside the box. The trees photo is original, taken at the trail around Rice University. I also like that there are options to make puzzles.
Wordle is great fun, also. Summarize text with it.


  1. You came up with some great ideas. Imagine what the kids will come up with! I really like the water drop. That generated lots of ideas for me. (water cycle, weather, vocabulary, etc.)

  2. You know once I posted the water drop I realized I had seen the very one done before. Yes! Other vocabulary entries with the drop will work just as well, if not better to add two or three of the terms to the drop.