Sunday, July 4, 2010

2 Thing #7 Sharing Videos

There are some very good sites out there that offer incredible resources for teachers to use. I like NeoK-12, where I think I could find something to use everyday in the classroom. and Google appear to offer video producers and publishers opportunities to do so without difficulty. Here is an sample video from NeoK-12:

Types of Polygons - Geometry Help
More math videos on Geometry at

With the advent of ActivBoards, the technology is very user friendly, saving teachers a lot of time and frustration. Remember the days when perusing the catalog for videos, then ordering the videos from the state Educational Region Service Center, waiting for them, then using them within the designated amount of time, replacing them in their canvas bag, and taking them to the front office for an educational region center representative to come and pick the videos up? Those days are definitely GONE!!

Here is another video. This one if from U S National Archives Channel:

Frank Capra and Dimitri Tiomkin had a part in this series of films from the Army's Office of the Chief Signal Officer.

Might I add that I really like the PBS site, as well?

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  1. I agree that there are so many things that have changed, for the better, about using videos and video clips for teaching. One of my favorite things is that we can use just parts of videos to get the point across. I also like that we have access to them for as long as we need them. With the old region service center videos, they came, stayed for a short period of time, then went. What if someone needed to review or get caught up? No longer an issue! Gotta love it!