Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2Thing #4 YouTube

Teacher created videos that are shareable with other teachers reminds me of having Promethean for sharing of ActivInspire creations. The sites are a time savings for teachers and a potentially valuable resource for not only actual lesson videos, but also ideas for teachers' future creations. As an aside, I lack created videos, but with a webcam on the "to buy" list, the process will be more familiar. I was unable to upload an Animoto video to YouTube. Suggestions? I think older students could have fun adding annotations to their videos, as well as experiment with psychological effects of different types of audio on a video. Student-created pieces are a bit more multi-dimensional than some of the other sites for those reasons. The process is more involved and complicated, in general. Probably, student pieces would work well for a small group, and then shared with other students. Here is the only video I have (argg...for now), with annotations and an audio swap. You can catch it also at the beginning of the blog from last summer. Thank you to those who commented about uploading YouTube to this blog. I am working through some kinks on the video. I notice there are some time issues when doing audio swap and modifying annotations during the audio swap process. The saving process is quirky. These notes will help when my poor memory falls short. What is seen below is not the same video that I have edited. For some reason the edited version is not the same as the this one, from the video page.



  1. I also have a problem with that, but I read in another blog that she went back to 23 things to get help.I will try it later, now... I moving on :)

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  3. Thought I'd mention a couple of landmarks for the Animoto...

    Under your video in Animoto, there will be a toolbox in lower right. Click on that, then export. It will open up option to export to YouTube.

    I have to go review my 23 Things frequently!! Wish I had better memory, but thank goodness for computer memory!

  4. Hi Kandel,

    As far as embedding the video, you have to click on the tab (when creating your post) that says "edit html."

    Then, go to the YouTube site, copy the code to embed, and paste the code wherever you like in your posting (at the end of a paragraph, etc.)

    Hope this helps! :)